Accomplishments and Roadmap

Please note that this roadmap should be recognized as a guideline and the timeline of events indicated may occur sooner or later than stated.

Q4 2021 - Token Launch (December 9, 2021)

Q1 2022 - Cinematic trailer; Gameplay trailer; Saudi Arabia and San Francisco crypto events

Q2 2022 - Mobile Beta release; Test phase of market NFTs; Full launch for NFT marketplace; Mobile version of FlappyDoge game

Q3 2022- Dao community integration; Token Migration (estimated July 2022) with a new smart contract and 0% fees for the community

Q4 2022 - Metaverse partnerships/Metaverse Beta gameplay with separate roadmap (to include the ability to order fast food within the metaverse, for delivery, subject to availability)

Q1 2023 - Initial vote for inclusion of upcoming new game in ecosystem

Q2 2023 - Beta version of the newly voted game

Q3 2023 - Community DAO voting implementation

Q4 2023 - Official company offices opening in Dubai and London

2024 - FlappyDoge ecosystem expansion/franchising

Please note that marketing will be integrated as needed. It is a critical and expected step that will be implemented at the marketing team’s discretion, as it relates to the FlappyDoge chain of events. However, it is intentionally not indicated in the stated roadmap, because marketing is contingent on several variables that cannot always be predicted. Please check any social media posts and/or news articles to learn about our past, present, and future marketing initiatives.

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