The team

CEO: Joe - He has expertise in the early stages of web 1.0 and web 2.0 and has been in the crypto community since early 2016 as well as a trusted advisor for several other projects.

COO: Xander - Xander and Joe work very well as a tandem leadership duo. They have been in the crypto space together for quite some time and complement each other’s strengths quite well. Xander specializes in mathematics and marketing and is the key player for the tokenomics of FlappyDoge.

Developers: Narsun Studios | FlappyDoge partnership - Narsun studios is very well known in the crypto gaming community most recently known for DogeDash, which reached a $300 million MC.

Moderators: Salvador, Mike, Andy, Jhon, and Hoi make up part of the moderators of the community. They also assist in marketing/promotions, so their roles are multi-faceted.

Advisors: Our advisors for the project stay hidden due to their contracts with other projects they are on the teams of and have requested to remain anonymous. We can divulge that their projects have reached $1 billion MC with their combined token values.

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