An Incredible overlap exists between the gaming community and the crypto community. According to data in DappRadar’s DAPP 2021 industry overview, the game-fi industry saw a usage increase of 17% in just the past few months, with much more growth ahead. A natural desire exists for gamers to see their in-game exploits be reflected in real value, and users make an easy leap from the gaming world to the metaverse concept.

The summer of 2021 has seen an explosion in popular gamified crypto projects: Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, MOBOX, and many more over these few months. While these games are exciting and creative, they are all very complex to the average mobile user, leaving many of them feeling too far behind the learning curve to making it worth playing. Furthermore, they require a significant time commitment, and what we have noticed is that many users prefer to pass short intervals of time gaming, as evidenced by the incredible growth of IOS and Android games and PC and Virtual Reality (VR).

We believe there is a huge opportunity designing play-to-earn (P2E) mobile-format games on iOS and Android devices and using this as an expansion point into a larger metaverse.

Within this whitepaper we introduce our first game: FlappyDoge. It will be the first for the indie genre P2E, mobile-format gaming industry with plans to launch a VR metaverse, with an online lobby. And with these future plans, such as a launchpad, that would introduce an entire collection of games from this ecosystem.

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