Scam Victim Incentive Program

A small incentive for users who have been scammed

Users who have been scammed/rugged from recent past projects are incentivized to sell their scam project (if possible) and purchase $FLPD. Once verified, and as long as they hold for a total 3 months, whatever they hold in $FLPD is topped with an additional 10% of $FLPD.

Users will have to request a form from the official telegram group with proof and evidence that the wallet they purchased $FLPD in, they have also in the recent past invested in a scam project. A member of our team will investigate and highlight green with a timer.

A successful hold of 3 months results in a 10% increase to their $FLPD. For example, 1000 $FLPD tokens have been purchased, in 3 months they will receive an extra 100 $FLPD as an added incentive for investing in FlappyDoge after being victim of a scam/rug pull project.

This action from FlappyDoge team is a gesture of goodwill and not a security but more as an example of charity.

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