Marketplace & NFTs

The NFT component of FlappyDoge allows users to modify and adapt their in-game experience in various ways.

The FlappyDoge NFTs marketplace will consist of different dog breed skins that will be launched as a mystery box with a random generated code and a limited set amount of NFTs ever to be created. It will grant the ability for players and traders to show off their skins and/or swap them around by using the marketplace as a platform to make a digital income.

In regards to the Metaverse experience of the game, all purchases and transactions will be made with $FLPD token. This is important for the ecosystem to grow and benefit users/holders of $FLPD.

The ecosystem will create inclusiveness and allow new users to still “get into” the game by incorporating NFT leasing. The platform will create a leaser and lessee matching system for NFT enhancements. This allows users to access NFTs and enhance their gameplay to explore and expand their FlappyDoge experience.

Finally, the games will integrate into the NFT and FlappyDoge ecosystem such that successful progress in one game can be translated into other games. Now newer users can develop a skillset in the newer game that allows them to compete in older games—a previous issue in other successful games where new users can never “catch up” to other players.

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