LaunchPad & Dao

FlappyDoge goes beyond a simply addictive, fun game, with an NFT Marketplace Ecosystem and a P2E iOS/Android game Launchpad ran via DAO governance. The DAO voting system is based on community projects. Users must own $5000 equivalent of $FLPD in order to vote on the next community game (the new community game incentivizes the holders of $FLPD). The launchpad will be used for $FLPD holders ($FLPD equivalent of $5000+), to be whitelisted into the new community pre-sales and purchasing with BNB (or equivalent in community’s chosen stable coin).

This system will introduce the line of up of future P2E games on our launchpad. Every time a new game is announced, FlappyDoge token holders will receive an airdrop of the specific new gaming token and a threshold will be set in place so that users can participate in the sales. Via DAO Governance, qualified users will also have the ability to decide which games will join the ecosystem, helping grow the metaverse with high-quality inclusions. With this system in place, loyal token holders will have the chance to accumulate new game tokens and be included in new, enjoyable P2E games similar in scope to FlappyDoge.

This launchpad allows game developers to leverage FlappyDoge’s user network to increase adoption while helping FlappyDoge token holders by vetting games for them. Only games with significant development and strong playability that will merge with the current Ecosystem will be included, making sure that users don’t have to sort through the endless number of games out there to find ones that they enjoy.

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