FlappyDoge Ecosystem and Partners

With FlappyDoge expanding towards meme projects and other P2E games, we are providing partnered-projects the ability for their players to show their support through choosing their project’s character/avatar. We will be able to utilize character files through users signing up via their associated email account when selecting their avatar/customizable skin. If a project does not have character files for us to implement, FlappyDoge can create these for our partnered-projects, at an agreed upon cost (contingent on the predetermined creative complexity), and the ability to register these NFTs for them. With these projects joining, it will provide them beneficial ways to earn money for: project development, marketing, game development, and more. For example, the user may buy an NFT from FlappyDoge for this project-themed character and make it a unique/rare customizable skin for gameplay. The partner project would earn 60% of the NFT sale and the remaining 40% would go to FlappyDoge, bringing funds to both projects, a win-win scenario!

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